Lighting Considerations for Auditoriums, Theater, and Assembly Halls

Is your auditorium lighting worn out and needing some much-needed upgrades?

Are you tired of your auditorium’s monthly electric bill consistently through the roof?

Has it been years since you last updated your worn-out equipment for more energy-efficient lighting solutions?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these all-to-common lighting issues in your auditorium, your space is long overdue for modern lighting solutions.

While there’s certainly a lot involved with auditorium lighting, the professionals at EPCO are here to help provide the best industry solutions to keep the lights on without breaking the bank.

The Most Common Lighting Problems For Concert Halls

Expensive Energy Bills

Due to the specialized equipment and control systems, operating costs can be significantly higher for auditoriums than other spaces, mainly thanks to the sheer amount of necessary in-house permanent lighting.

This complexity often creates a lose-lose situation. You may wish to update your current lighting situation. Still, the cost of simply keeping the lights on may be what’s partially prevented you from being able to update your auditorium lighting in the first place properly.

The EPCO team is aware of these common frustrations and will help you discover local and government-level energy incentives that can help kickstart your lighting upgrades.

These types of incentives will not only assist in making your auditorium more sustainable and “green” but even help pay for those much-needed upgrades. Talk about turning a prior lose-lose gridlock into a transformative, win-win solution!

Harsh Lighting and Glare

A common issue many auditoriums suffer from is harsh lighting conditions that produce excessive glare. This challenge can make it nearly impossible for presenters, speakers, musicians, and actors to focus on their craft or get adequate feedback from their audience. Especially in white or painted with loud colors, it can physically be an eye sore for attendees if the color temperature of the space is far too bright.

Dim Lighting

Another issue on the opposite end of the spectrum comes from when an auditorium’s lighting is not bright enough and doesn’t properly illuminate the entire space adequately.

This lack of illumination can cause excessive eye strain for visitors and produce dangerous conditions for occupants, such as tripping over objects, stumbling to one’s seat, or being unable to see steps safely. This low visibility environment can result in a serious safety issue, especially for those with vision impairments.

Outdated Lighting

One of the more severe cases that call for modern lighting solutions is for older, outdated lighting fixtures or faulty wiring. All it takes is for the wrong expired bulb to break at the wrong time to break a circuit or cause even the grandest of auditoriums to catch fire.

The Iroquois Theater fire is the second deadliest single-building disaster in American history due to muslin curtains catching on fire due to a broken arc light. And as hubris would have it, that same theater was even considered “absolutely fireproof” before this disastrous accident.

These common auditorium lighting issues can make any event a struggle to pull off, whether it’s a forum, stage performance, or an intentional business conference.

They can also create unnecessary stress, cause headaches (both figuratively and literally), and, if ignored long enough, even go as far as creating hazardous conditions.

What Makes Auditorium Lighting Different From Other Spaces?

Auditorium lighting is designed to enhance performances and presentations, employing specialized equipment like spotlights, floodlights, and complex control systems for dimming and changing colors on a whim.

Unlike other spaces that focus on task or ambient lighting, auditoriums often feature zoned lighting to highlight the stage, audience, and other specific areas.

Auditorium lighting also relies heavily on setting moods for various scenarios and events via variable color temperatures and high-intensity lights for increased visibility.

Furthermore, auditorium lighting incorporates specific safety features, such as emergency lighting and exit signs, to accommodate large crowds should the necessity arise.

All these aspects make it more complex and often costlier to provide sufficient auditorium lighting solutions that are simultaneously safe, reliable, and energy efficient

What Makes Auditorium Lighting Different From Other Spaces?
What Does Retrofitting Mean?

What Does Retrofitting Mean?

Retrofitting entails updating an auditorium’s previous lighting with newer, cost-effective, and often more energy-efficient parts, fixtures, and equipment.

A retrofit is often the first aspect considered when exploring energy-saving solutions and sustainability options for auditoriums.

Depending on how current or old your auditorium is determines a variety of retrofitting options. From simply updating your bulbs to completely redesigning and reimagining the entire lighting arrangement of your space, no two retrofitting plans are ever the same.

With that in mind, EPCO’s industry-leading partners will help find the best retrofitting plan (if applicable) that’s just right for your auditorium lighting needs, no matter how big or small your space may be.

How EPCO Can Meet Your Auditorium Lighting Needs

In the enchanting realm of theaters and venues, illumination is the star attraction, crucially influencing the creation of memorable events. It can dictate atmosphere, stir feelings, and elevate shows.

From kinetic spotlighting that accents each action to a mood-setting glow that alters the environment, expertly crafted auditorium lighting schemes produce an awe-inspiring visual feast.

By partnering with EPCO for your auditorium lighting solutions, we’ll provide a path to transforming your inefficient auditorium lighting into a renewed, energy-efficient event center that shines brighter than ever without hurting your wallet.

If now’s the time for your auditorium’s lighting to take center stage, Contact EPCO today to partner with us in helping out your auditorium once and for all.

How EPCO Can Meet Your Auditorium Lighting Needs

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