EPCO implements long-term energy planning solutions to help our clients get the highest return on investment for all their energy-saving and efficiency needs. Our process involves creating a structured plan to identify and perform the best energy efficiency implementation solutions for commercial buildings and facilities.

Once the final design is approved, EPCO’s in-house team of managers and installers begin construction. The EPCO team works around the client’s needs to minimize disruption to their business.

Construction of the energy-saving plan

Upon approval of the final energy efficiency implementation plans, our in-house team, consisting of managers and installers, will begin the construction process. From demo to cleanup, EPCO’s team of experienced energy partners will carefully work to construct your specific energy efficiency needs.

We’ll also ensure that your business’s day-to-day workflow will not be interrupted as we implement energy-saving construction solutions throughout your workspace from start to finish.

Energy Savings Implementation Process

EPCO offers its clients a complete turnkey process toward energy programs through our intuitive energy savings project implementation. This completely customizable, client-first service is what separates us from our top competitors.

The ability to package together all the energy planning project phases under one umbrella establishes a cohesive and efficient process that ultimately allows EPCO to provide more proactive, responsive, and cost-effective energy-saving solutions.