EPCO professionals create customized commercial energy engineering solutions for Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), mechanical contractors, third-party energy consultants, and facility owners. As one of the best energy consulting firms near and around the Great Lakes region, EPCO delivers sustainable energy solutions for commercial buildings and equipment.
Our industry-leading guidance gives our customers the tools and capabilities to understand better the highly technical procedures involved within the multifaceted processes nested within energy engineering services.

These dynamic services include:

  • Facility Condition Assessments
  • Building Commissioning Services
  • Bid Solicitation and Documentation
  • Design Support
  • Building Energy Analysis

Facility Condition Assessment

EPCO evaluates buildings and facilities to find ways to help save energy while guaranteeing noticeable results and measurable improvements for our customers.

Within energy systems engineering, facility condition assessment involves data-driven analyses to optimize a building’s energy performance, increase cost savings, and reduce its overall carbon footprint.

Our primary goal in this process is to help identify opportunities for reducing energy consumption and costs while improving sustainability and overall operational efficiency.

Building Commissioning Services

Our building commissioning and intensive quality services provide assurance processes targeting building automation and HVAC systems.

EPCO aims to ensure that your building’s systems function as intended and meet all of your design specifications and operational needs.

Bid Solicitation & Documentation

EPCO helps building owners develop proper engineering specifications, documentation, and cost estimates for conservation projects requiring public or private bid solicitation and procurement.

We listen to our customers every step of the way to ensure that we find the best efficiency opportunities possible for each facility’s systems and energy-saving capabilities.

Design Support

Our firm offers engineering design support, including project budgeting and management support across all energy sectors.

As one of the best energy consulting firms within the Great Lakes region, EPCO’s commercial energy engineering and auditing services equip businesses with the insights and tools they need to optimize energy consumption while reducing operational costs.

Building Energy Analysis

We utilize building energy modeling software to analyze facility energy consumption and assess the feasibility of client sites for business growth and development.

This intuitive modeling by EPCO gives an in-depth view of potential leak points within energy systems engineering-wise for commercial buildings and beyond.