On January 17, 2024, The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (shortly known as ASHRAE) took the next step in advocating for commercial building energy efficiency by updating their latest edition of energy auditing best practices to include existing buildings.

Many professional energy efficiency companies, EPCO included, defer to the ASHRAE protocol as the “gold standard” for building energy audits. This latest edition reflects the increased determination of many cities and states nationwide to make buildings more sustainable.

The standards look to older, pre-existing buildings as a long-overlooked opportunity to help fast-track decarbonization efforts both near and far. The current President of ASHRAE, Ginger Scoggins, recently commented, “As the demand grows for reduced energy use and carbon emission in existing [buildings], there has been heightened interest in Standard 100 within the past year for its potential to shape building regulations on an expanded level,”

Additional information regarding the latest edition and edits of these updated protocols can be further viewed on ASHRAE Standard 100-2024.


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