Transforming the grid for renewables will be expensive. Some estimates indicate the necessary grid updates in the United States will cost $1 trillion. Until the net-zero future arrives, energy consumption reduction at America’s commercial and industrial facilities is essential to avoid power grid failure and to reduce the investment needed to convert the grid. A Berkeley Lab study indicates that commercial energy efficiency efforts could reduce the grid transition cost by $100 billion.

The opportunity for efficiency gains is not limited to large facility or heavy industry locations. Mid-market businesses like retail centers and restaurants are heavy kilowatt consumers, but waste 30-40% of that energy.

Energy efficiency audits and plans are the first step in the journey for American businesses. A facility energy audit is the most effective way to discover opportunities for reduced energy consumption. Energy-as-a-Service programs, with no upfront costs, can also help mid-market businesses embrace efficiency and further contribute to a more sustainable grid.


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