Project Details

This downtown office space had over 2,226 T-12 fluorescent and 65-watt incandescent fixtures within its 150,000 sqft. perimeters. The once outdated ballast & lamp technologies were consuming energy at a rate of 769,348 kW per year.

This office space was able to meet its simple payback in approximately 1.5 years due to an annual energy savings of $59,172 and an initial rebate of $29,586.

The use of energy efficient T-8 fluorescent and LED fixtures has drastically reduce the yearly energy consumption by 591,723 kilowatt hours and reduce their annual carbon emissions by over 1,247,205 pounds.

Testimonial: “The team worked their tails off…I was impressed.” – Head of Facilities

  • Epact
  • Utility Rebates
  • Fluorescent
  • LED

Square Footage: 150,000
Hours of Operation: 2,856/year
Yearly Energy Savings: 591,723kw
Yearly Utility Savings: $59,172
Energy Rebates: $29,586

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