Project Details

Located in Mount Vernon, Pat Catan’s is a family owned craft and art supply store. The store consists of a showroom, frame center, stockroom, and restrooms. Prior to EPCO’s intervention Pat Catan’s was relying upon outdated lighting including traditional industrial HID highbays, T-12 fluorescent, high pressure sodium and incandescent fixtures. Together these fixtures provided poor color rendering making it difficult for shoppers to accurately view the wide variety of products offered within the store.

The Pat Catan’s store was able to meet its simple payback within less than 1.5 years after its implementation thanks in part to an annual energy savings of $24,184 and an initial rebate of $23,439. After ten years Pat Catan’s will see an overall project energy savings of over $241,000.

The use of energy efficient T-8 fluorescent fixtures has allowed Pat Catan’s to drastically reduce their yearly energy consumption by 403,080 kilowatt hours and reduce their annual carbon emissions by over 620,744 pounds.

Testimonial: “People can get a better sense of what they are buying and because of this we are experiencing a reduction in returns and ultimately an increase in customer satisfaction.” – Store Manager, Pat Catan’s Mt. Vernon

  • 1-Year Payback
  • Epact
  • Utility Rebates
  • Fluorescent

Square Footage: 32,000
Hours of Operation: 4,784/year
Yearly Energy Savings: 403,081kw
Yearly Utility Savings: $24,184
Energy Rebates: $23,439

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