Project Details

Home to over 30-million dollars of steel, this industrial warehouse and manufacturing center had over 720 high pressure sodium and T-12 fluorescent fixtures within its 500,000 sqft facility. Low light levels and poor visual acuity raised concerns for employee safety and productivity. Annually, Castle Metals was using over 1,124,839 kilowatt hours of energy at a cost of over $112,000.

Between the yearly savings of over $57,000 and energy rebates equaling $85,000 Castle Metals was able to meet its simple payback within less than one year. After ten years, EPCO will have saved Castle Metals over $630,000.

The use of energy efficient T-5 and T-8 fluorescent fixtures has allowed Castle Metals to drastically reduce their yearly energy consumption by 572,828 kilowatt hours and reduce their annual carbon emissions by over 882,000 pounds.

Testimonial: “There has been a marked difference in safety; we are reporting 45% less incidents per year since our new lights were installed.” – Tim Robinson, Warehouse Manager – Castle Metals

  • 1-Year Payback
  • Epact
  • Fluorescent

Square Footage: 360,000
Hours of Operation: 6,041/year
Yearly Energy Savings: 763,237kw
Yearly Utility Savings: $76,323
Energy Rebates: $89,551

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